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We are proud to announce that we are members in good standing of the Coin Op Preservation Society (COPS). Members of the society have agreed to follow a strict code of ethics when buying and selling antique coin operated devices. Go to for more information.


Results for the Morphy auction held during November of 2023 are now in the database

Over on the left side, use the auction drop down list to select this or any other auction that may be of interest to you. We now have over 45 years of auction data!

We recently acquired most if not all of the auction results for VCA dating back to 1977. The results are now in the database and we are happy to announce we have price history on antique slot machines and trade simulators for the last 41 years! Look at the drop down menu for auction prices to see the results of a particular auction.

A new book is out which has incredible photos of machines on location. All the photos are pre-prohibition. If you purchase the book you will get a free subscriotion to the price guide.Go to to learn more.

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How to unjam a slot machine
Videos of rare / unusual slot machines
Serial Number Registry

We now have data on over 17,000 auctions in our database!!!!!

We now show a scatter plot of sales for your search. This will help you see in an instant the trend for the machine you are searching and give you an idea of what machines are selling for. In addition, we provide information on how many times the machine model was listed but never hit got a single bid!

Here is an example for a Mills Bursting Cherry

49 machines were not included in the plot because the reserve was not met at the auction AND there were no bids on the machine. In general, a high (> 10) number usually indicates machines which have unreasonable values by their owners.

The above graph shows results for auctions where the machine either sold or had at least 1 bid. It should give you a good idea of the trend. The price does not include things like insurance and shipping. The date of the first recorded sale in the graph is 2004-01-01 and the date of the last point in the graph is 2011-10-15.




Have a slot machine and want to restore it but don't know where to begin? We are pleased to announce that a 5 DVD set is now available which documents the complete restoration of a Mills Castle Front slot machine. If you purchase the 5 DVD set then you will receive a 14 day subscription to the guide absolutely FREE. Just ask Dave (the author of the DVDs) to get you a 14 day access code.

NOTE: These DVDs are in high demand and it is not uncommon for them to be sold out. The web site usually indicates if they are available or not. If they are currently sold out send Dave an email requesting that you want one and he will email you when more are available. If they are sold out and you purchase a 14 (or 365) day subscription to the price guide then when more are available you will receive $39.95 off the price of the DVD set. Just let Dave know that you are a price guide member before you purchase the set.

Go to here for more information on the DVDs (including You-tube video excerpts).

Excerpt on Mechanism Reassembly

Have a slot machine but it is jammed?

A DVD has recently been made available which documents how to fix the most common jams on the most common antique slot machines (Mills, Jennings, Pace, and Watling). This DVD is invaluable to the casual owner of an antique slot. Click here for more information.


New Feature: You asked and we listened! We now have a FOR SALE feature. The machine shown above is the last one that was added to the for sale area (and has not yet sold). Click here to see the current list of machines that are for sale.

Have a machine and want to sell it? Click here to register and then list it. For a limited time you can list your slot machine or trade stimulator for free! Thousands of people come to our site looking for slot machines. Now is your chance to advertise your machine on the #1 Coin Op site on the web for FREE. The most recent machine listed will be showcased on the front page (see above). We reserve the right to remove any machine we feel is not advertised appropriately. Please do not waste your time trying to sell a reproduction machine. If you do, you will probably be banned and your listing will be removed.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ.

Video clip of the week
Mills War Eagle with future pay feature and advice on how to spot reproductions!

From time to time we will feature videos of different slot machines.



We now have 4071 Trade Stimulators in the database.

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